Oracle is our brand mini compilation, featuring the cream of the crop of worldwide techno producers, from Spain and Portugal to North America going through Kosovo.

First cut is Mareo by all time veteran and synth expert Groof, he delivers a Birmingham Esque gymnastic exercise for the brave dancers in the proper clubs.

Following Hd Substance, another well seasoned veteran. On Beats & Pieces 21 all is about funk and groove, a classy techno exercise.

Vegim goes profound and obscure in Same Time, Same Place, dirty and crude, with the proper dose of hypnosis and tension.

Plural signs Mech Dreams, old school flavor, distorted sequences and loads of electric funk.

Hector Mad opts for the breaks as rhythm foundation with Voices From Mount Parnassus delivered in a long and progressive arrangement ideal to inject some soul to linear techno sets.

Last but not least, STNDRD provides Libido, a metallic industrial infused cut with everything needed to destroy any sound system out there.

A well balanced collection of many techno styles all united under our flag.

Info text written by Hd Substance.

Supported by A Thousand Details, Alavux, Amby Iguous, Arof, Bernardo Hangar, Blawan, Drucal, DVS1, Endlec, Furtive, G02, H/S/P, Irakli, John Artex, Jonas Kopp, Kid Riot, Kinenz, LGN73, Matt Sadderian, Merino, MTD, NDR-5, Oliver Rosemann, Pacou, Paula Cazenave, PFROPF, Rcr Black Lmtd, Rhod Records, Rubén Seoane, SdØRm, Taito Augusto, Takaaki Itoh, Voidloss, Vladimir Dynamo, Vladw, Wicked Style and more.


Release Date: March 13, 2023

Recorded, Processed and Mixed by Roberto Gemelin, Madrid (ES), Luis Rozalen, Madrid (ES), Vegim Hashimi, Piantedo (IT), James Johnson, Columbus (US), Hector Alonso, Madrid (ES) and Diogo Lopes, Barcelona (ES).

Mastered by Steve Voidloss at Black Monolith Studio, London (UK).

Artwork by Cosmic Alchemist, Valencia (ES).

© All rights reserved.

Hxagrm Records

Valencia (ES)

Released by 13 March 2023
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