Number 21 and we are still alive. Turbulent times for us the dance community with no club scene at all, and no perspective near… but the show must go on and here we are offering you what we consider a balsam: proper techno tunes.

Saurio is a Venezuelan artist based in Bogota, Colombia who has made a brilliant EP called Coordenadas for us.

Starting with the futuristic Unnamed X a hi fidelity exercise made over a relentless groove. Full of micro details, carefully crafted with an hypnotic structure, perfect for mind and body.

Unnamed Y shuffles the groove, relaying over the continuous synth line spiced with multiple percussive elements. A dance floor weapon in the whole sense.

Unnamed Z keeps the pace with a clear drum pattern with proper sub’s action to start with, soon followed by funked up sequences and randomness. A proper groover.

Unnamed V follows the same stylebook, hypnosis, pristine sound design, pressure and tension, spiced with expert sound details that come and go.

As a goodbye, Unnamed W releases the pressure and goes into deep realms, the BPM rate decreases, textures and pads appear and the overall feeling goes more spacey.

Supported by MTD, Dave Miller (Abstract Division), Takaaki Itoh, 30drop, Orde Meikle (Slam), Hd Substance, A Thousand Details, Vegim, T Y, Voidloss, JC Laurent, Zarok, Jandroid, Paula Cazenave, Wicked Style, Bandada, Richie Hawtin, LM Alex, Electric Indigo, Drop-E, G02, Unbalance, Leeon, Drummer In Cosmos, Furtive, Bernardo Hangar, Will Web, Oliver Rosemann, Michel Lauriola, MasCon, Phil Denton, Levan, Isolated Lines, Joseph Capriati, Moritz III, Amby iguous and more.


Release date: August 17, 2020

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Hxagrm Records

Valencia (ES)

Released by 17 August 2020
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by Saurio

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