Nicolas Cetina joins our artist family with this four tracker, including two additional remixes by Vertical Spectrum and stndrd.

Track one Suma De Azares, who gives name to the EP, is a complete exercise of rolling techno with heavy sub-bass action based on a solid groove. The elements are coming wisely in the arrangement until the main sequence line takes over. Asymmetrical, twisted and precisely crafted.

Second cut Universos Simultáneos features heavier percussive elements: solid kick, distorted frequencies, again a wise structure made of simultaneous synth lines, panned shakers, high frequencies and an obsessive feeling.

First remix comes by well known producer Vertical Spectrum bringing Universos Simultáneos to new territories, much more dense, heavier bass if possible, alien melodies and textures and obscurity against the funkiness of the original cut.

Second remix is by stndrd, is made reworking the melodic elements on Universos Simultáneos, less aggressive than the previous revision, in a more tooly approach.

A solid EP that shows the skills and perspective of this upcoming artist.

Supported by Oscar Mulero, Abstract Division, A Thousand Details, Kessel, Ontal, Antonio De Angelis, Hd Substance, 30drop, Voidloss, Vegim, Corey Biggs, c0ma, Parde Grilon, Jan Axaminer, Orde Meikle (Slam), Drop-E, Richie Hawtin, UMA Soundsystem, Joseph Capriati, 9192, Phil Denton, Dynamo, T Y, KOTEC, Bernardo Hangar, Amby Iguous, stndrd, Levan. Lucas, Redial Tone, Neglëk, Fran Bush, N:CK, G02, Electric Indigo, Interagent, LM Alex and more.


(Incl. Vertical Spectrum And stndrd Remixes)

Release date: July 20, 2020

Format: CD + Digital + Merch

© All rights reserved.

Hxagrm Records

Valencia (ES)

Released by 20 July 2020
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