We have on board our master engineer on production duties Voidloss, offering an extended six tracks EP made of harsh but yet emotional music.

Starting with The Union Of Opposites: broken beats and dreamy strings colliding.

The Walls, Cold Floor, a Corner, Home is a take no prisoners one. Distortion, darkness and drill.

Alone Again, Never Not, Ever Shall Be returns to slowly paced breaks and ethereal melodies while Blue Orange Mist on his side goes to ravey old school distorted beats.

Gently Into Pieces destroys the 4/4 again as a continuation of numbers 01 and 03.

Closing the release: A Heart Wrapped In Razorwire providing the goodbye distorted workout.

Supported by Hd Substance, Amby iguous, Fon (Subsist), KOTEC, Clasps, Wicked Style, Takaaki Itoh, RE_P, Orde Meikle (Slam), Rubén Seoane, Richie Hawtin, Jandroid, CODE 701, Antonio De Angelis, Angel Molina, Asedub, Orion, Bernardo Hangar, G02, Joseph Capriati, Yuka, Drop-E, Õcktawian, JoyB, Positive Centre, DOMEN, stndrd, ART21, Escala de Grisos Radio, Viel, ØHØI, AM.MA, Monocraft, Federico Sahne, Groof, Redial Tone, Concepto Inédito and more.


Release date: December 16, 2019

Written by Steve Voidloss.

Mastered by Steve Voidloss at Black Monolith Studio (London).

Artwork by Steve Voidloss and Odottan.

Promotion and distribution by Envelope Structure.

© All rights reserved.

Hxagrm Records

Valencia (ES)

Released by 16 December 2019

Hxagrm Records

“Deepening into the augmented cognition” Hxagrm Records is an advanced electronic music-focused label that born to explore deeply the augmented cognition through music. International artists are i...

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The Union Of Opposites

by Voidloss

Voidloss - The Union Of Opposites
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