After our three previous combined EP’s by Plural, Elektrabel and Hd Substance, we come back to action with this vv.aa. series starting with this volume. As always, non trendy stuff, varied, mixed and with the common line of quality over everything.

Release starts with the electro infused beats of Alavux, mixing distorted textures with fast paced breaks and analogue bleeps on Distant.

MasCon follows on Nebel, granular rhythms, round kicks, stereo panned filtered percussions, sharp hats and metallic details.

Third cut Sabotage by Punshukunshu combines field recordings and dreamy textures with 4/4 beats and a constantly evolving arrangement while Akenaton closes the EP with Channel 2, showcasing his trademark hardware driven sound with cosmic continuous sequences, shuffled classic Roland drums and lots of ambiances and spaces.

Music from the future to be consumed right now, designed to stay and give something away from clones and formulas.

Supported by Isolated Lines, Orde Meikle (Slam), Wicked Style, John Selway, Artik, Angel Molina, Domen, Aleja Sanchez, JoyB, Mike Parker, Ximo Noguera, Drop-E, Õcktawian, Hydrangea, Different Grooves, I/Y, Code 701, Ivan Madox, a. romero, Anthony Jimenez, Squaric, Clubbingspain, Industrial Complexx, Drummer In Cosmos, Marco Carola, Stefano Lotti, Sarf, Techno Scene, Gotshell and more.


Release date: February 11, 2019.

Written by Goran Alavuk, Marco Jeschke, Punshukunshu and Nacho Arnaiz.

Mastered by Steve Voidloss at Black Monolith Studio (London).

Artwork by Odottan.

Promotion and distribution by Envelope Structure.

© All rights reserved.

Hxagrm Records

Valencia (ES)

Released by 11 February 2019
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Transmute v.01

by Punshukunshu, Alavux, Akenaton

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