Human Lessons #056 - Respira

by Respira

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Respira is the alias of Danish musician, sound-designer and artist Markus Trige Frandsen, who is also co-founder of the label, event production and community Nature Tales in Copenhagen. Creating soundscapes of free form and fluidity, exploring texture and depth and playing with the contrasts and similarities of organic and electronic sound, he aims towards union and coherence between nature and technology. For the past years, a big part of his creative work has been centered around music performance for yoga and meditation. While currently studying sound design at Sonic College in Haderslev, his music also starts to draw upon inspiration from other media such as video-games, film and animation film and a curiosity to explore and experiment with various techniques of recording, sampling, synthesis and processing.

His DJ sets may take a similar immersive and sound design oriented approach as his own productions, often focused on deep and atmospheric techno/ambient with both tribal and industrial influences and a few obscure elements of surprise.




Soundcloud: (Nature Tales)

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