when the spheres that are on the peripheries of the galaxies in the incessant rotating and translating of the spheres in their order in the cosmos, the peripheries in their rotation similar to the rotation and translation of the elements of the atom are sometimes on the periphery and other times in the center fair.

The spheres and the suns of the center sphere of the cosmos, the universes, the galaxies; these, all its inhabitants are ANGEL BEINGS, as the TERRONIES and earthlings call it here, because these beings are some perfect and others almost perfect.

The closer to the PARENT Suns or central suns, the more perfect these beings are, and as they move away they become less prefect.

These perfect beings do not know death in their spheres, there are no births because there is a limit of space for each being in the mass that makes up the sphere and because there is no death there are no births.

the paths that connect the illuminated regions with the peripheries are black holes.

hell worlds and dull spheres. Everything that falls into a black hole has an exit point and this is the peripheries.

Regions like agafanda, karpadac, kapitoraf, and Aparkandistak, belong to the periphery of the enlightened region's centrosphere.

the mental body also has another type of gravity that pulls all things into the brain. The INTI (mind) is a centrophere and from the periphery the great knowledge that exists in the records of the Universe and the Cosmos is sucked and both the person and the Master, the Angel, the Archangel, the God, whoever, collects from the periphery to its centrophere, from the data collected from the cosmic periphery that are being recorded; that is THE LAW OF MENTAL GRAVITY, that is another type of gravity that is totally metaphysical.


releases November 17, 2021

Recorded by El Atalaya

Remixes by Stuck Frecuency, Archaic Revival

Mastered by Granular Spectrum Studio

Cover image by Staticflood


Released by 12 November 2021
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Regiones de la Creación

by Stuck Frequency, El Atalaya, Archaic Revival

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