Mare Monstrum is a Darkduction’s pseudonymous project for the development of soundscapes inspired by the seabed, a completely improvised experimental session full of many textures and deep sounds, dive in!

This is an unprecedented sensory experience in the fascinating concert of experimental electronic music improvisation, led by Darkduction under the name of Mare Monstrum. In this extraordinary sound event, we dive into the abyssal depths of the ocean, exploring its darkest and most captivating mysteries through a web of sounds and modulations that evoke the immensity and overwhelming beauty of the marine depths.

Mare Monstrum is not just a concert, it is an introspective journey into the unknown, where psychedelic frequencies intertwine with the deep sounds of the ocean, creating a sound canvas that envelops us and transports us to a world where imagination and reality intertwine. Each note is like an underwater current, taking us through constantly changing and evolving soundscapes, where improvisation and experimentation invite us to explore the limits of auditory perception.

With Mare Monstrum, Darkduction invites us into a journey of self-discovery and reflection, where music becomes a means to explore the deepest corners of our psyche. Through meticulously woven layers of sound, we immerse ourselves in a state of trance and contemplation, allowing emotions and thoughts to flow freely in this underwater symphony of the mind.

Join us on this unique sonic odyssey, where the ocean becomes our guide and experimental electronic music becomes our vehicle for inner exploration. Mare Monstrum is more than a concert, it is a transformative experience that challenges our senses and invites us to dive into the unknown with courage and curiosity.

released May 13, 2024

improvised electronic music concert by Darkduction

Artwork by Staticflood

Released by 14 May 2024
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Darkduction presents. Mare Monstrum Live

by Darkduction

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