From A Lost Place Label is set to make waves once again with the debut EP from Colombian DJ and Producer Sepian. With a profound connection to the label's inner sanctum, Sepian takes center stage to deliver an electrifying exploration of Deep Techno landscapes and irresistible Dancefloor grooves.

A visionary artist deeply intertwined with the essence of From A Lost Place, Sepian guides listeners through a sonic escapade, resulting in a mesmerizing collection that captures the very essence of this genre's purity. The rhythms, carefully cultivated, guide the listener through an entrancing dance of sound that resonates from the soul. Each groove pulses with an energy that beckons bodies to the dancefloor, creating an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

To crown this exceptional release, the renowned Italian artist Claudio PRC lends their artistic touch by bestowing a remix of the titular track upon the EP 'Alva'. This captivating remix serves as a graceful conclusion, enveloping the journey in a tapestry of subtlety and euphoria.

Released by 12 September 2023
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by Sepian

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