Since 1983, Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Council Estate Electronics, The Sidewinder, etc.) has been producing largely solo, but sometimes collaborative, work under the Final moniker. Beginning as a more obviously power electronics-inspired project it has during the past two decades or so evolved into one which still retains that sonic intensity but has a more expansive sound. 'I Am the Dirt Under Your Fingernails' comprises nine tracks each named and numbered after the album’s title.

'IATDUYF' violently pushes us through a murky world of suffocating textures, crepuscular guitars, serrated noise and what appear to be random bursts of sawmill grind which together create the perfect backdrop to today’s newscape.

This is a relentless sound that’s absolutely unforgiving as it hammers home anger and despair with little respite, illustrating very clearly that JK Broadrick has been one of the very few to contort the uncompromising approach of early power electronics into wholly new and contemporary forms rife with greater possibilities.

Released by 06 January 2023

I Am The Dirt Under Your Fingernails

by Final

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