Forma Podcast 005 (live)

by Worg

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Worg is an electronic music composer, producer, sound designer, and live performer based in Rome. At the end of the Anno Urbis MMXVIII, he founds and creates his own label "Lykos Records".

He explores sounds that range from experimental techno through industrial approaching deep techno. Captivating textures, persistent rhythm, and metallic discordance merge both live and during studio production.

Noise, smooth pads, distortions, drones, and slight and hypnotic melodies are the characteristic elements of his music, giving particular attention to searching both complex and distinct sonorities. These heterogeneous elements give life to a deep sound enveloped in a dark gloomy haze.

His attempt is to accompany the audience on a voyage through oniric and spectral soundscapes. Dystopian places and fantasies located in imaginative habitats, result in Worg's vision.

He graduated in Electronic Music Composition, at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. He achieved the Academic Diploma Level I, issued by the Alta Formazione Artistica, Musicale e Coreutica (AFAM - MIUR), authorised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Worg released his music on labels such as Illegal Alien Records, Circular Limited, Lowless, Diffuse Reality, Northallsen Records, Concrete Records, Lett Records, Warok Music, Artscope, and many more.

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