For KUBUS avant-garde visual artist and composer Robert Lippok and electroacoustic pianist Kaan Bulak met in May 2018 at the studios of ZKM in Karlsruhe and finalised their stay with a live improvised concert. Lippok’s imagination leads the audience from inventive rhythmic reflexes and fuzzy tones to glitch-y twisted techno while filling the Kubus in all three dimensions. Bulak contributes to this framework created by Lippok harmonically and sonically with his augmented piano. This concept describes a piano that, without losing its traditional phrasings, is extended in its articulations - acoustically and electronically.

Electronics, Cover: Robert Lippok

Augmented Piano: Kaan Bulak

Recorded by Sebastian Schottke at ZKM_Kubus, Karlsruhe

Mixed and mastered by Kaan Bulak at Feral Note Salon

Co-produced by ZKM | Karlsruhe

Feral Note © 2019

Released by 22 February 2019
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Kubus (Art Vinyl)
Includes digital download.
Each vinyl cover is a unique version of the original cover picture, created by Robert Lippok. Including original cover artwork as artprint inlay.
Digital album