Artist: Eafhm (Mexico)

Title: Efimero & Superfluo

Remixer: Max Figueroa

Catalogue: EXOESO006

Format: Digital

Release Date: June 26, 2020


1. Eafhm - Efimero

2. Eafhm - Efimero (Max Figueroa Remix)

3. Eafhm - Superfluo

4. Eafhm - Superfluo (Max Figueroa Remix)

The next reference of our catalog comes from a talented artist with a solid style, who works on create atmospheres and experimental textures on each track.

We are talking about the Mexican producer Eafhm, headlabel of Secuencias Temporales.

This time, he gives us two beautiful pieces where he shows his ability to create soundscapes, combining carefully each sound to round off the experimental and intelligent vibe that him develope.

To complete the album, the label boss Max Figueroa brings us two remixes, trying to add darkness without lose the main focus of the project.

Written and produced by Jorge Morales aka Eafhm

Remixes by Max Figueroa

Artwork by Max Figueroa

Mastered by Jorge Eafhm at Secuencias Temporales Studio in México City, México.


Exo-Eso Records


Max Figueroa

Released by 27 June 2020

Exo-Eso Records

Techno label based in Mar del Plata (Argentina) managed by Max Figueroa.

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Efimero & Superfluo (Incl. Max Figueroa Remixes)

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Eafhm - Efimero
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