We live in a moment that calls us as a group, in which sonic forces unite around the inescapable struggle of the Colombian people, delivering the voice, the pulse and the melody as a hymn of new utopias. We resist by listening, fighting with waves, finding in sonic matter the ultimate struggle: our voices together in a single impulse, and meeting in shared pain.

We will donate 100% of the incomes to different agents and communities in need during the National Strike (Health Brigades, Indigenous Minga and human rights organizations).

The sales of the first two volumes of Horizontes have made possible 7 donations:

* food for Resistencia Antirracista, a beautiful gathering of Afro communities that sing and feed the struggle in Puerto Resistencia, Meléndez, Jumbo, and the most active points of the struggle in the streets in Cali.

* supplies for an incredible group of women from Barrio San Cayetano in Cali, who have woven a network of collection and distribution to different affected areas in the city.

* contribution to medical expenses of Daniela Soto, Nasa leader and coordinator of the CRIC youth program, injured on May 9th in Cali by paramilitars; fortunately she is now stable.

* food for families of El Faro (neighborhood of Comuna 8 in Medellin, inhabited mainly by victims of displacement and conflict), who are living in very precarious situations, but are receiving help through Platohedro.

* supplies for rural communities that have been resisting since 28A in Popayán, and are receiving aid through the eco-shop Semilla Urbana in Medellín.

* food for the community and vegan pot made by Shottas, which feeds hundreds of protesters, the First Line and anyone who needs to eat during the protests in Resistencia Park, Medellín.

*medical supplies for one of the Health Brigades and APH that help protesters and injured citizens in the Resistance Park and other important nodes in Medellin.

Design by Kathiuska

Mastering by momoto (except for Colombia Noise, untitled#363 and Confrontación)

Possible thanks to the forces of Éter, Rouge Collective, Back Door Records, Radio Chiguiro, Granular Spectrum, Furatena and Artificio.

F.S.U. is an open and decentralized group of artists, collectives and labels from different corners of the world, sonically manifesting our awareness of the current crisis and rejecting the current Colombian government's model of repression, violence and corruption, which has relentlessly lacerated the fundamental rights and basic needs of the people.

We reject any authority that stigmatizes, annuls and condemns protest.

We reject any government that silences and assassinates its people.

We militate without gender frontiers and with the sole mission of joining voices to demand in timbres and rhythms a society that finds its foundation in freedom and social justice.

Released by 22 May 2021
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