Moune (pronounced “moon”) is a 21-year-old French artist who produces electronic and instrumental dub. He started to play the guitar in 2008 and discovered electronic music in 2014. After many experiments with very different styles like hip-hop, house, trance, glitch hop and electro swing, he finally started to create dub music in 2017.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, Moune plays guitar, melodica, saxophone, flute and percussions. He also uses his voice in some of his compositions, mixing electronic sounds with acoustic instruments, creating very melodic and energetic dubwise compositions.

The Legacy Of The Sun is the first release of Moune on the label. It includes altogether five tracks; two with vocals by Moune himself and three instrumentals, all with a heavy ethnic dubwise feeling.

The best way to describe the style of this young French artist is not with words. You have to listen to it yourself and we are sure you will enjoy the musical adventure!

Released by 28 June 2018
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The Legacy Of The Sun

by Moune

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