''The approach created for this reference goes beyond a sound expression because these tracks have mixed feelings from personal situations which remind us that each element of these tracks can express a different feeling, that is why i have dedicated this reference to my son Derek, who always accompanies me in mind and heart even though he is not with me and shares his time with his mother, at some point we will cross paths again and thus be able to create musical elements from the emotional sequences that both he and me have.

Dedicated to all parents who cannot see their children due to adverse situations''

By Martyn

Dorian is pleased to host for its sixth release a touching project that the author's words have already described very well.

To appear with the works of the Mexican artist there are the refined personal touches of the remixers Unsung I and our Dorian Gray.

Catalog Number: #DORIAN006

Artwork by Dagmar Räder

Mastered at Dorian Studio by Dorian Gray

Released by 07 April 2021


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I Will See You Again EP (Incl. Dorian Gray & Unsung I Remixes) [DORIAN006]

by Unsung I, Dorian Gray , Martyn Päsch

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