The long days of summer are well upon us, and along with them comes Tesseract, a beautifully expansive and immersive dub techno odyssey from Daniel[i] and Purl. Shimmering figures echo into infinity and vaporous plumes of texture dissipate into clouds of warm mist, while vapour trails of melody gently emerge from sunlit pools of radiant sunlight. Join us and swim in the unexplored depths of consciousness and through the rippling undercurrents of the universe.

_ Format : digital and tape.

_ Label : Pyramid Blood.

_ Original work produced, written and mixed by Ludvig Cimbrelius & Daniel Danieli.

_ Mastered by Rafael Anton Irissari.

//////// TESSERACT REDUCTION : ////////

Released by 27 July 2020


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by Purl, Daniel[i]

Purl, Daniel[i] - Tesseract I
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