Daniel Danieli is a Belgian DJ and producer based in Aaachen. His music is inspired by the natural world, from which he’s developed his own dubby, textured and emotional sound. Having released on many labels throughout the years, it’s on his own platform, Whispering Signals, that he has created his most recent concept of music, a place for him to experiment and host like-minded artists. Mixing the analog and digital world is key for Dan. The idea is to continuously sample his own library, until the patterns are clear enough to be used as a flow or groove. Tracks are created without following a fixed template or idea, but using Ableton as a trusted companion to express and modify improvised feelings and jams that were created on analog gear or digital software.

_ Founder of Whispering Signals.

_ Resident at NoName and Brandwerk.

_ Bookings : [email protected]