Circulating Waves #025 - Hypnotic Black Magic

by Hypnotic Black Magic

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The year is coming to an end, bringing us frosty nights and misty days full of contemplative moments. But not only the year is ending, also our Circulating Waves series is having its last episode after two years of existence. For the last act we are happy to welcome an important figure for our scene here in Berlin: Hypnotic Black Magic.

The seemingly tireless creator of Art bei Ton and Ambient Sleepers has hosted countless events and brought people from all over the world to Berlin dedicated to hypnotic music. Furthermore she visibly aims to promote diverse international artists within gender-balanced line ups, focusing of offering safe space for flinta* and queer artists to perform. Based in the capital, but also traveling around, she had the chance to play at venues like Griessmühle and ://about blank in Berlin, VENT in Tokyo, Gare in Porto, Vurt. in Seoul, Ciało in Wroclaw and many other events and cities in the world. She creates musical journeys conceived as introspective explorations of human's deepest obscure thoughts, meditative states and sensual expressions.

Hypnotic Black Magic has done honour to her closing duty, as her mix guides us through all the colors of the vortex for a last time: Sirens are singing on lush flying particles, eerie atmospheres are backing quirky sounds and flowing rythms are merging into heavy rollers. 66 minutes which will suck you in, roll you over and release you as different being.

Every ending is a new beginning, so stay tuned through our channels for the launch of our new podcast series called “Dynamic Spheres” in January 2023!

Huge thanks to all the artist, who dedicated a mix to our very first podcast series!

You made this whole thing so special!

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