Circulating Waves #023 - Imox

by Imox

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Every entity is born somewhere into the vastness of existence, developing into a vibrating, interchanging particle just to finally perish… nothing is forever and still nothing is ever lost, just transformed into a new appearance. The connection between all things is utterly vital and the endlessly flowing streams all have the same root.

The Mayans understood this as Imox and we invited Luna as its musical preacher.

Born in Argentina, growing up by the wind and the sea of the marvelous island of La Gomera and now hailing from the catalan capital of Barcelona, she experimented with different genres until she found her sound marked by high mental, organic and enveloping content.

The divine concept of Imox is strongly perceptible in her provided mix, as she perfectly blends tracks defined by hypnotic grooves, tribal elements and cosmic textures into a progressive, evolving journey with breathtaking intensity.

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