Circulating Waves #022 - Lilian Stark

by Lilian Stark

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As summer lowers its frequencies, it's time to dive into the emerging autumn vibes with our Berlin-based friend Lilian Stark.

Like so many of us, Lilian took his first steps on the dancefloors, but soon found his way behind the mixing desk as well. Starting as „Special Guest TBA“ at Duckwater Headquarter, where he did hold a residency from 2014, he had been improving his skills most delightingly attentive watching his fellow DJs such as Josephine Wedekind and CanDjane, to be part of today’s xXeteXx crew, which is widely known for its high quality standards when it comes to psychedelic parties.

In the mix you are about to hear, Lilian combines his excellent sense for driving grooves and deep spherical vibes with the curiosity for the unexpected.

Discover more of Lilian Stark’s universe here:

Uploaded by 25 October 2022