Circulating Waves #020 - Eafhm

by Eafhm

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While the powerful sun is dominating our days, challenging our flora and fauna with its ongoing heat, a new session has arrived here in our headquarter. The creator is none other then Secuencias Temporales chief Eafhm.

Eafhm is the result of a creative process which has seen different artistic and exploratory stages, aiming to further integrate oscillating interpersonal ideas among the variety of sound conceptions. The musical results of this evolution earned quite some respect in the scene for its unique deepness, organic texture and mind-travelling qualities. So no surprise that you can find his tracks not only on his own imprint Secuencias Temporales but also on well-known institutions like Experimental Label, Baox, Lett Records and Concepto Hinpnotico. Just shortly he had his first appearance on Charybdis together with his friend Noah Lyas.

The session you are about to hear is a handmade journey which will lead you directly into the star sparkled sky of a moonlit summer night or lets you connect with the warm vibe all beings are vibrating to in this sunny season.

Discover more of Eafhm’s universe here:

Uploaded by 24 October 2022
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