Circulating Waves #013 - Reign.

by Reign.

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After nearly one year has passed since the launch of our very own podcast-series “Circulating Waves” it is time for the 13th episode. A year full of great music and profound mind wandering together is behind us! Thank you for that, we are looking for everything lying ahead.

After many years of being musically influenced by the Berlin club scene, Reign. started finally producing electronic music himself. Initially as part of the duo disørda, he started to release music under his second pseudonym in 2019. He soon was able to place his creations on important labels like Emphatic, Concrete Records and Aarden. His musical identity has ever been evolving, from a raw industrial to today's deep and hypnotic sound.

For this anniversary Reign. will take us on a journey into the very depths of the vortex. A wall of sound which you would expect only in the lowest areas of the sea: Driven by broken rhythms, flying drones, quirky noises and backed by dark, floating atmospheres this definitely travels you far distances deep beneath the surface!

Are you ready to dive into the hypnotic abyss?

Discover more of Reign.’s universe here:

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