Circulating Waves #008 - Polygonia

by Polygonia

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The next “Circulating Waves” chapter is opened by an artist that we deeply admire for her true musical poetry: Polygonia.

Before getting involved with electronic music, the munich-based artist was trained in several acoustic instruments, as well as other artforms. It were the endless possibilities of modern producing, that inspired her to translate her long developed understanding of rhythm, composition and experimentalism into the digital music language.

Over the years she shaped her own distinct sound identity, which is nothing short of unique in its blend of mystical and deep electronic vibes with more organic sounds, often enriched by acoustic components. Her creations which can vary from ambient over downtempo to hypnotic techno are released on Lowless, Alexandar, Kvltö, Phono Tropismi, her own label IO and with us as Charybdis.

This mix clearly reflects her huge understanding of music and her eclectic approach: It playful oscillates between dreamy realms with haunting melodies and versatile rhythms and more heavy, dancefloor oriented parts, never losing its unerringly hypnotic drive and focus, which will introduce you to new outskirts of the vortex!

Discover more of Polygonia’s universe here:

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