Circulating Waves #007 - Clotur

by Clotur

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This month’s “Circulating Waves” adept doesn’t need much introduction, as he is surely one of the driving figures of our scene. A warm welcome to Clotur!

The Tunesian-born DJ and producer currently resides in France and is releasing on labels like The Gods Planet, End of Perception, Northallsen Records, Blocaus & One Instrument, where he shaped his own unique blend of percussive rhythms, atmospheric textures and hypnotic layers.

The beat-driven, yet unusual, and at times, experimental style is also what he seeks to push and represent with his own label Warok: A reliable home to quality techno which always pushes the borders of the genre.

Expect a typical Clotur-esque journey between desert dry kicks, breaky, bass-worn rhythms and thousands upon thousands of bleeping and clackering details which will transport you deep, deep into the vortex!

Discover more of Clotur’s universe here:

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