Circulating Waves #005 - Binary Thoughts

by Binary Thoughts

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Tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc - are you following the pendulum?

Release your mind to steadily oscillate between these two points.

What will you find in between?

Binary Thoughts!

This perception beyond the “all or nothing” is what connected Ana Bogatinovska and Jovana Gjorgievska. At first strangers, the two met at a music festival in their beautiful native country of Macedonia. After a long discussion about musical matters, they decided to collaborate on a project to connect their somewhat different, but similar taste in electronic music.

Since then, their melancholic, delicate and hypnotic sounds use 'binary thinking' as a motor to press on forward to a third term of a higher category that represents a transcending reconciliation or unity: Where thesis and antithesis are always harnessed to yield a synthesis. Where seemingly opposite or contrary forces turn out to actually be complementary.

With endlessly evolving soundscapes of infinite spirals, pulsating bassline-heaviness and unforeseeable twists Binary Thoughts are turning this 5th edition of ‘Circulating Waves’ into an unforgettable session of deep hypnosis!

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Uploaded by 16 April 2021