Circulating Waves #004 - Vanta


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Before the desperately awaited Spring begins to bloom, we can sit back, relax, let the waves circulate and travel once again. This time we will be guided by our adept from the east: Vanta.

Influenced by his metal- and hardcore background as well as the vital techno scene in Leipzig with its infamous Institut für Zukunft, his focal points are impulsive rhythms, dissociative sounds and dark and eerie atmospheres.

As a founding member of PVC he also co-organises techno parties in clubs and intimate raves in the forests of the Leipzig area.

For a few years now he has been exploring the world of producing. Shaping and refining his sound with his own releases on labels like Crescent London, Further Sessions, Proselytizing and lately with us, he is further establishing himself in the scene and is definitely a guy to reckon with in the future.

So better stay on the lookout for this emerging talent!

For the fourth episode of our podcast series Vanta takes you on an epic, two-hour odyssey, navigating from the shallow waters of moonlit nights, meeting big swarms of flying fish, unknown gurgling sea creatures and bewitchingly singing sirens, into darker aquatic landscapes, full of hypnotic grooves and shuffling rhythms that will pull you deep down into the ever-flowing waters of the vortex...

Discover more of Vanta’s universe here:

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