Circulating Waves #003 - E L A

by E L A

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Third installment for “Circulating Waves” is coming from Milan-based ELA.

She originated in Argentina and used to work in a club in Córdoba in 2011 where she discovered her love for electronic music. When she returned to her hometown of Buenos Aires a few years later, she got the chance to become more deeply involved with her beloved Techno through „Arjaus“ Electronic Music School, where she gained technical insights and producing skills.

Usually focusing on slower Techno and Ambient soundscapes, ELA leaves her footsteps at well-known institutions of the scene, including Crescent, Deep Electronics, Anodynic Frequencies or Ruina.

This time, she recorded a slightly faster mix for us, worshipping the inescapable vortex while oscillating between dreamy, organic fields, coloured by subtle rhythms and heavier, bass driven episodes with a psychedelic twist.

ELA will skillfully take you on an eclectic trip through the different stages of charybdical hypnotism.

Come, join her journey with faith and you will be rewarded with a unique listening experience!

Discover more of ELA’s universe here:

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