Circulating Waves #002 - Vittjas Tief

by Vittjas Tief

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...and the waves are circling again...

This time, Charybdis label co-founder and longtime techno lover Vittjas Tief will guide you through the swirling waters of the vortex.

He began his journey as a DJ back in 1994, came to Berlin in ‘98 and started playing at various clubs. After settling he ran his very own party series “Kurzurlaub'’ from 2006 until 2014. That time shaped his unique sound, which got popular throughout the scene very fast. Fighting for a good cause he also enjoys playing for solidarity raves and acts as a co-organizer of the popular night ‘about:marionism' at ://about blank.

He has been very present on the dancefloors in Berlin and beyond for years and is well known in the underground for his deeply hypnotic and mesmerizing sets. Towards the end of 2020, Vittjas Tief took a chance and joined up with his musical partner Kindred to bring Charybdis and a new vision of Hypnotic Techno to life.

This vision is unfolding in multilayered rhythms, mystical soundscapes, gurgling tones, flying drones and endless patterns, always trusting in the inescapable power of hypnotic repetition, transporting you into unknown dimensions...

As Vittjas Tief himself once said: Trance is a state, not an insult!

Discover more of Vittjas Tief’s universe here:

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