Circulating Waves #001 - Adelia

by Adelia

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First waves are brought to Charybdis by Adelia. This hypnotic soul and space traveler gravitates between Prague and Barcelona and began her technoid journey in 2015. Back in the day her sound was mostly dominated by dark and experimental elements but grew gradually over the years into the deep and hypnotic realms, which she richley represents today, drawing inspiration from her natural surroundings like the majestic pyrenees mountains, calm evergreen forests of Catalunya or the vastness of the Mediterranean sea.

She has crafted a mix, transporting you from the deepest point of the vortex, where everything stands still and only floating particles of the abyss are heard, swirling up and up in rhythmical, gurgling loops to lighter, more spherical waters, ending her circulations in full hypnotic effects of a captivating flow, which will keep you turning and turning...

In this manner Adelia takes you as a trustful adept on a journey through the multicoloured layers which represent Charybdis!

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