BAHN· Podcast XXXIII · Valentin Ginies

by Valentin Ginies

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The thirty-third of our podcast series

Artist: Valentin Ginies


Valentin Ginies has dedicated much of his life to music - a journey that has seen him play piano and drums before switching to a hardware setup, also taking to the decks at a young age.

He founded 11001 Records, a Berlin-based record label focusing on techno, ambient, experimental and other forms of abstract visions, but his music has also been released in Circular Limited, Futurepast and BAHN· Records.

Valentin's also the co-founder of the Teufelsberg Domecast, one-half of the Live Deep Techno duo Metaphysical Unit and the founder of Third Eye Festival, a three-day music and paint festival in Berlin. His passion and extensive music collection can be felt in the DJ booth, blending a selection of deep, rhythmic and trippy techno.

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