'Unknown Perceptions' is the release debut of the newborn Barcelona based label, founded by BAHN· Collective.

Unknown Perceptions has a strong presence of artists based in Barcelona, how could it be otherwise: ASH, Cyklos, Korben Nice, Røtter and STNDRD who, each with their own electronic voice and personal manufacturing define techno with forcefulness in its maximum contemporary expression.

The nationalities that make up the compilation are multiple, preserving thus the plurality of the global techno scene and its varied extensions. BAHN· has always been committed to talents emerging, regardless of their origin: Keikari from Paris, the Portuguese squad A Thousand Details, Cloze Encounter, Ricky Cross and Nø Shelter, Uväll from Tbilisi, Italians The Alchemical Theory, British Tekra and South Koreans Scøpe and Messiahwaits bring their vision and talent in this first release destined to heat the tracks, hypnotic, dark and deep Techno sounds with psychical waves and effective grooves, while waiting to be able to return to the clubs with more energy than ever.


The 40% of the funds from this release will go to Proactiva... more


released May 30, 2020

Producers: A Thousand Details, ASH, Cloze Encounter, Cyklos,

Keikari, Korben Nice, Messiahwaits, Nø Shelter, Ricky Cross,

Røtter, Scøpe, STNDRD, Tekra, The Alchemical Theory & Uväll


Label: BAHN· Records

Format: VA Digital WAV/MP3

City: Barcelona

Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno

Release date: 30/05/2020

Masterings: ASH & STNDRD at BAHN· Records Lab. (Badalona, BCN)

Photo & Artwork: Marta Belev

Catalog Number: BAHN001_VA

*Korben Nice & Røtter tracks are mastered by Alan Lockwood

at The Bass Valley Studios (L'Hospitalet, BCN).

Distribution to digital stores and streaming platforms by Triple Vision.

Released by 30 May 2020

Unknown Perceptions [BAHN001_VA]

by Various Artists

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