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by Tsott

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The thirty-first of our podcast series

Artist: @tsott

Tsott, a techno project from Tbilisi, Georgia, created by Tsotne Mamatsashvili under hypnotic techno principals.

Influenced by Italian deep and Spanish more hypnotic techno sounds, shaped his musical identity. In early 2022 released his debut EP on UK based label - Liminal Spaces, followed by releases on Kvlto Records, Indefinite Pitch, and most recently his collaborative work with BLNDFLD on Georgian label BUDE Records.

His approach to the mixes is quite hypnotic. Strives to create an abstract story, drives into the deep horizon of emotions and tries to lift up inner feelings, making trips for the mind and for the body.



n__0 - Oscilación 7

Pianeti Sintetici - Coldurano

Yuka - Cho

Laima Adelaide - Deep Sea

CTAFAD - Dominio del tempo

Save Your Atoll - AnnaPurna

ORBE - Pozdro (Psyk Remix)

Translate - Arcnex

Polygonia - The Desire for Power

Pause - Night Spasm

Ness - Wasted

Ancestral Landscapes - Displacement Tsott Remix (it's not released yet but soon will on liminal)

Angelo Stasi - PlancK (Basis Change Remix)

Motion Symmetry - Forgotten But Not Forgiven

Tangram – Mortality Fades

Felix Fleer - Simulacra

STNDRD - Déu n'hi do

Shlømo - M.U.M. (Johannes Heil Remix)


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