BAHN· Podcast XXVIII - Anders Hellberg

by Anders Hellberg

11 plays

The twenty-eighth of our podcast series

Artist: @anders-hellberg

Anders grew up in the south of Sweden, but since 2009 he lives in Berlin where he as now his home and studio, working on new productions and managing his label Cinus, founded in 2020.

Anders has spent countless of hours in his studio producing music for more than a decade. The tracks he produce are atmospheric, bass heavy with droning landscapes, driven percussion and deep intensity. His music has been released in labels such as Circular Limited, Northallsen Records, NFEREE or Ordinamento Selettivo among others.

Anders plays deep and shimering techno that moves minds with a truthful emotion. A dynamic palet of colours takes the listener on a trip yto a vast distant environment where new and abstract landscapes rise. A modern and high fidelity version of the past where new shapes occur into the right ritual.



1. Lakej - Void Shells

2. Doctrina Natura - Diana

3. Angelo - Stasi Sabik

4. Gotshell - Did U Forget

5. Un nknown - Andira

6. Dycide - Lamia (Latmos Hypnotic Reconstruction)

7. Rheak - The Omen

8. Rene Wise - Shaman Whistle

9. Smoley - Aura (Anders Hellberg Remix)

10. Dj Sodeyama - Spiral (Polygonia remix)

11. Robert Hoff - Photonics

12. Oscar Mulero - Form of Subsistence

13. Berkel - CNCTRN

14. Svarog - Psalm

15. Vågh - Beyond Redemption

16. Central - Pattern Generators

17. Swivel - Sacrifice

18. Un nknown - Transition

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