Our daily life runs through parallel realities, hypothetical self-contained planes of existence, co-existing with one's own.

We are not able to have a second life, yet there is a second chance to live in a Parallel Reality. Another dimension that runs exactly aligned with the reality we are all living.

An object that symbolizes this concept is a Vinyl record, playing on a turntable. when one side is playing the other side is spinning together parallely with a different information, and is not possible to separate.

‘Parallel Reality’ is the first release of our Vinyl series (7th release of our catalog) and comes with 6 tracks from hypnotic and deeper to more weird, raw and intense cuts by Takaaki itoh, Cyklos, ASH, Temudo, Yanamaste & STNDRD.

*The release on digital format includes a bonus track by STNDRD.



A1. Takaaki Itoh - Scrabbler

A2. Cyklos - Toxic Environment

A3. ASH - May The Force Be With Us


B1. Temudo - Kikcck V2 (vinyl version)

B2. Yanamaste - Velvet

B3. STNDRD - Guidelines



1. Takaaki Itoh - Scrabbler

2. Cyklos - Toxic Environment

3. ASH - May The Force Be With Us

4. Temudo - Kikcck V2 (extended version)

5. Yanamaste - Velvet

6. STNDRD - Guidelines

7. STNDRD - Montseny [Bonus Track]


Written & Produced by ASH, Cyklos, STNDRD, Takaaki Itoh, Temudo & Yanamaste.

Format: 12" Vinyl + Digital WAV / MP3

Masterings by ASH at BAHN· Records Lab. (Barcelona)

*Temudo mastered at Tema Mastering (Lisboa)

*Cyklos mastered at Javhastudios (Madrid)

Photo & graphic work by Marta Belev


'Parallel Reality' by Various Artists


LTD Series (I)

Copyright 2021 © [/\·]

BAHN· Records

Released by 11 February 2021

Parallel Reality [BAHN007_LTD]

by Various Artists

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