External factors can really affect our mental state and bring out our most different feelings. We did a special selection of sound vibrations to influence a certain hypnosis passing by calm and relaxation, to physical expression, anger and fury.

An intense journey straight to the dancefloor, 'Mental Influences' our 6th release, a purpose of sound therapy made by 16 artists splitted on 14 tracks including 2 collaborations.

Written & Produced by Various Artists.

Tracks by: A Thousand Details & STNDRD, ASH & Cyklos, Audio Units, Diagram, Drop-E, George Effe, KØLPØS, Korben Nice, Linear System, Marnyc, Obstructor, Rasser, Vegim & Vertical Spectrum.

Format: Digital WAV / MP3/ 2xCD

Masterings by ASH at BAHN· Records Lab. (Badalona, BCN)

Original Photo & Artwork Design by Marta Belev.

Catalog number: BAHN006_VA

Release date: 22/12/2020

*Drop-E's track mastered by himself

*Korben Nice mastered at Koschitzky-Mastering (Gijón)

'Mental Influences' by Various Artists


© BAHN· Records 2020

All rights reserved

Released by 22 December 2020

Mental Influences [BAHN006_VA]

by Various Artists

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Mental Influences (Limited Edition Double CD)
Includes digital download.
Limited edition Double CD from the VA Album 'Mental Influences' (BAHN006_VA), the sixth release of the label with 14 tracks inside divided in two parts. Eco-rustic cardboard, with recycled pulp. Coarse-grained. CD designed by Marta Belev. NOTE: Important, only 1 Double CD per customer.
Digital album