'Emotional Proficiency' has been the most personal release of STNDRD so far.

Emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or goals to achieve.

Going from abstract percusions and textures like in 'Altruism' through fat basslines, metal and percusive synths and drones as you can easily find in 'Apogee' or 'Random Preferences', to a deeper synth or hypnotic bells like in high textured 'Presagio' or 'Transmissions'.

Completed with 2 remixes from T Kode & Uväll.

Italian Berlin based artist T Kode painting more abstract with unconventional grooves that drives you into an hypnotic journey on his 'Transmissions' remix. On the other hand, the Georgian Uväll comes with a groovy, percusive and powerful remix of 'Random Preferences'.


Written & Produced by Diogo Lopes (STNDRD)

Remixes by Uväll & T Kode

Label: BAHN· Records

Format: Digital WAV / MP3

City: Barcelona

Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno

Release date: 29/09/2020

Masterings by ASH at BAHN· Records Lab. (Badalona, BCN)

Photo & Artwork: Marta Belev

Catalog Number: BAHN003_EP

Released by 29 September 2020
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Emotional Proficiency [BAHN003_EP]


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