BAHN· Podcast XXVII - Latmos

by Latmos

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The twenty-seventh of our podcast series

Artist: LATMOS

Latmos is a Finnish Techno producer, DJ and live artist known from his handcrafted and hypnotic tracks.

All of his music is made live with hardware only. He first drew attention in the Techno community with his strong debut 12” Pool of Intuition EP, released on Samuli Kemppi’s and Frederik Hatsav’s label Blacklabel Distillery. Ever since Latmos has released music on labels such as Subosc, Cinus and Fur:ther Sessions. His music has been supported around the globe by well respected DJs like: Oscar Mulero, Patrik Skoog, Dimi Angelis, P.E.A.R.L, Takaaki Itoh Mike Parker, Samuli Kemppi, Juho Kusti, Denise Rabe, Magna Pia, Dino Sabatini, Deepbass, Blazej Malinowski and Vincent Neumann to name a few.

Latmos is known from his adventurous style as a DJ. He is able to transition effortlessly from a different mood or tempo to another and keep the listeners always on their toes. As a verstile DJ Latmos can adapt into many different venues and occasions, always bringing something fresh and interesting to the table.

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