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The twenty-third of our podcast series.

Artist: ALNÖ

Nordic surroundings, vibrant seasons, and strong elements influences the Stockholm (Berlin) based artist Alnö.

Captured by the underground scene of Sweden, first as techno blogger and holder of Gbgtechno, the passion for electronic music brought Alnö to start Dj-ing and moved to Berlin in 2017. Becoming a resident of the techno collective Zement, Alnö got the opportunity to form her own sound and play at underground events in Germany and Sweden.

Alnö expresses the sounds of deep, dark and hypnotic techno and her well composed, dynamic sets of evolving and driving soundscapes, powerful beats, and atmospheric rhythms, brings the listener to discover new energies and spheres of sounds.

Alnö combines her artistic side as the founder and curator of the Berlin based event series Deep x Heights, focusing on connecting upcoming and established artists together by creating a platform for them to interact, grow and explore their own unique sound.



1. Vohkinne - Parapraxis

2. Joachim Spieth - Luciferin

3. The Alchemical Theory - Yugen

4. Arnaud Le Texier - Eugenics

5. Refracted - Particle Zoo

6. Rhyw - Vertisol

7. RTNH - Yvirila

8. Nils Edte - Lumin II

9. NØRBAK - Genese

10. Cleric & Setaoc Mass - Odyssey

11. Bohdan - Metoxion

12. Arnaud Le Texier - Step

13. The Alchemical Theory - Door Of Hell

14. Evigt Mörker - Den Väldige

15. DJ Metatron - The Arrival

16. Mari Mattham - Life Path VI

17. DJ Metatron - We Are Almost There

18. Healing Noises - Our Fantasy

19. Alan Backdrop - Extse

20. Orion - Samui


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