BAHN· Podcast XXXII · Martyn Päsch [Live]

by Martyn Päsch

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The thirty-second of our podcast series

Artist: Martyn Päsch

Martyn Päsch [Live] (09.12.2022 | Recorded in Club Japan CDMX | by Colapso Records)


Martyn Päsch continues to rise in the Global Scene of Electronic Music.

In his work as a producer, we can find a wide range of styles varying from Deep Techno, Experimental and Ambient.

In the beginning of 2018, he started his own record label called KVLTÖ RECORDS, focused on Deep Techno, Ambient, Experimental, Hypnotic and Techno sounds.

His world of music is being built in an increasingly distinct style, perhaps as a fixed part of deep techno. Abundance of synth melody with harmony charm. The kick that leads the power and the percussion that supports it. And ironically, the sudden appearance and disappearance of the break makes his music more self established.

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