Portrait - Crooked LP

Digital 2021

Aura Dinamica

Released early 2021, "Crooked" the new 9 track LP from Oscar B. Morgan under his Portrait alias follows up last year's Body In Water collaboration with contemporary dancer and performance artist Magnus Westwell. 

Written and recorded under some considerable duress in Berlin in 2018/2019, the LP is the first full length offering from the British artist now based in Helsinki, Finland. The record features an idiosyncratic blend of processed field recordings, acoustic instrumentation and various electronics - all performed and recorded by the artist in and around his previous home in Kreuzberg. Additional vocals are provided by Danish singer-songwriter Amy Horn.

The LP finds the artist balancing introspection and extroversion - themes of detachment prevail in parts, and in others a sense of palpable immediacy. Taking its lead from labels like the now defunct Blackest Ever Black and Modern Love, Crooked is a snapshot of a vital point in the artist's development as both a technical producer and songwriter.

Released via Aura Dinamica, the LP is supported by a series of Xerox posters featuring hand drawn artwork as well as companion photographic prints featuring the artist's own images shot in and around Helsinki.

Released by 26 February 2021
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