Rooted in those rare moments of tranquility throughout a parent’s life, Early Color is the auditory memoir of Griff through his time as a stay-at-home dad to a growing toddler making sense of the world. Conceptually, the album is laid out as a natural progression starting with the beautiful field recordings of ‘Zoom Deck’ and warm melody of ‘Hemmed’, both evoking visions of a hazy, forest morning, slowly waking up after night’s embrace. Shaking off the slumber, ‘Steel Wool’ provides an energetic start to the day as most children tend to do, to the dismay of some parents. Followed by the understated grooves of ‘Bubby & the Submersible’.

Approaching the second half of the album, ‘Trace Fossil’ and ‘Atoll’ kick things into gear with ear-worm-like melodies that build and build throughout into an emotional trip, while ‘FGH’ brings a more melancholic take. Capping off the string of four on the floor tracks is the growling ‘Why Yellow’, a more serious number that would fit well in many a dj set. Alighting from the burst of energy, we have the breakish beats of ‘Resnooze’, whose warm bass-lines and wide ranging synths envelop the listener. Finally arriving at the last track, the aptly named ‘Sitting Quietly Looking at Things’ is a musical combination of all that was prior. Emotive, textured... more


released September 15, 2023

Written & produced by Griff Fulton

Artwork by Griff Fulton

Mastered by Sven Weisemann

Released by 16 September 2023
Artists (1)

Early Color

by Aspetuck

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