Ascetic Limited presents it's 6th physical release with an EP from the Spain based artist David ATT. Formerly known as Attemporal, David is moving forward, pushing his sound of techno further into new realms.

The opening track Canabalismo deep atmosphere vibes with driving percussion drones. Next, De lo Impensable a lo Radical has unique groove and intense leads.

On the B side, Manipulación pushes mental arpeggios for peak time vibes and a great example of why David's work is featured on the label yet again. Lastly, Revolución Neolitica interesting syncopated percussive trips into the hypnotic realms of David's work.

Released by 05 April 2019

Ascetic Limited

Ascetic Limited is a Los Angeles and Spain based label focused on the deep, atmospheric, and acid techno sounds.

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David Att - Canibalismo
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