Vallparadis EP is the debut release from Makuto. An original sound drawing on a range of influences from hypnotic techno rhythms to big, atmospheric house dancefloor killers.

Eduardo de la Calle delivers a great remix, full of 'NY techno style' and his own dark, mashing beats.

"Octubre" opens the EP - kick-drum driven techno groove with poignant, endless synthesizer landscapes, space details and groovy acid bass. "Plata" is the second cut, with an atmosphere close to the Paris-Detroit connection sound of huge bass line melodies and crystalline synthesizer chords.

"Mutacions" is a great SH-101 job where multiple acid lines constantly mutate with jazzy organic sounds and analogue percussions. Eduardo de la Calle closes the EP with a "Mutacions" remix.

It's music made with heart as well as mind, taking you on a gripping journey with an inspirational soul.

Makuto's EP debut is released on Arketip Discs label based in Terrassa, a city close to Barcelona.

Released by 16 November 2018
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by Eduardo de la Calle, Makuto

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