Arcing Seas is back with ARCS-03; a unique EP of selected tracks from the first two releases, remixed by The Mover, Peder Mannerfelt and Shifted.

First up, rave and techno legend The Mover presents his first new material since 2009. After using the slogan “See you in 2017” for years before, this marks the start his return. He turns Trappist into a hard hitting electro workout using original parts that explode and punish the senses.

Peder Mannerfelt introduces the B-side with his take on Skull Gun. Broken beats and exciting percussion sit atop deep kicks, disorientating quick fire samples and rapid snares, showing how versatile and on-point he is.

Finally, Shifted is called into action with a signature deep-sonic soundscape. Rumbling kicks and high frequency textures occupy the sound field, alongside reverberating samples from Vultures, making it his own.

Vinyl + digital

12” sleeve designed and hand screen printed by Alex from Cassegrain (

Released by 28 April 2017
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