Paleo Part III

The third edition of Paleo from 747 unfolds with Astero Ceras. Buoyant nektons are on a voyage; the ammonites delicately gyrating with the currents. The connection between the sea and sky is forged by the gentle lunar pull on the planet's oceans. Asterocerai schools are caught gazing up at the stellar reflections on the liquid's surface, in competition with the purple and green hues of the aurora. At these low latitudes, nonsensical alien patterns are painted by the Aurora Centralis and fractured by the fluid's motion.

Suture Lines succeeds Astero Ceras, delving into the realm of the individual. Ammonoids swimming in the pseudo-antigravity of the saline seas; planispiral beings, seemingly similar, but distinguished by their internal ornamentation; the convoluted meandering lobes and saddles of the sutures, a special fingerprint, complexly dividing the chambers. These strange denizens of the deep gently drift towards extinction.


About The Paleo Series

The series explores the geological past of our planet through acid. The four-part series comprises three digital EPs and a concluding double EP vinyl release of the whole collection plus two additional vinyl-only editions.

Released by 14 July 2018
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Paleo, Pt. 3

by 747

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