.CHPTR017 'T E H M F T W L'

by s.soo

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s.soo (Russia) | ‘T E H M F T W L’

As if it was a science fiction movie, our brain gives wings to THE imagination. It is like entering a futuristic but abandoned machinery fabric in the middle of nature EARTH, far away from the suffocating concrete jungle. Suddenly, after going through all the corridors and observing all kind of weird machines and its sounds, a long distance powerful lfo sound from a noisy machine is getting closer and closer until it cools down smoothly. It HAS been a brilliant experimental dron intro with perfect melodic saturation. Once outdoors, breathing the flora and fauna MUSIC, I’m ready to explore the surroundings FOR a little while (excellent textures and good sound design). THOSE percussion grooves melting with imponent noisy bass dark sounds, give way to the night. Full moon and no light at all (wonderful gloomy soundscapes accompanied with interesting well processed field recordings footsteps). I can hear someone, WHO is talking to me? Hey, LISTEN! Definitely ‘The Earth Hath Music For Those Who Listen’.

Uploaded by 26 October 2020


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