.CHPTR035 ‘Sunset, Bodies, Advertisements’

by Slowfoam

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Inspired by a recent drive around LA ~ a collage of neon advertisements shielded by sun-bleached billboards, where manicured lawns frame suburban monotony. Frivolity and despair collapse into one another, revealing the protracted grim realities of profit over people, while a hot sunset and hot bodies bounce off iridescent post-human monoliths.

Slowfoam is the sound project of multidisciplinary artist Madelyn Byrd, whose work is influenced by our impact on nature, surreal utopian abstractions, and beauty in the palpable mundane.

An unsettling and cathartic musical road trip where at all times our hands are firmly kept on the steering wheel. Meanwhile, some glimmering flashes of beauty are being reflected, with joy and determination, through the car's window making the journey more pleasant.

Uploaded by 08 November 2021


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