.CHPTR016 ‘The waves of Iskar’

by Scav

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Scav (Sofia, Bulgaria) | ‘The waves of Iskar’

We enter the icy but at the same time warm and calm waters of the Iskar River, ready for a proper sailing. The first 1/4 we plow through the (sound) waves and we realize how vital, flexible and millenary the largest entirely Bulgarian river becomes. Foamy waves (subtle noisy soundscapes), tame waves (robotic and metallic textures), calm waves (lovely quiet low groovy textures), and hopeful waves (subtle melodic arp progressions) spilling down the sides of the boat (ears) make that we can move forward with clarity and self- determination. The following 2/4 the river slightly begins to shake causing dark and restless waves (wonderful dark drone perfectly combined with high frequency penetrating sounds) to give truce again and respite to this marvelous journey. 3/4 completed and the beautifulness of the rocky landscapes (soundscapes) are otherworldly. For thousands of years the (sound) waves of Iskar have made their way into the rock, carving out forms of incredible shape and (sound) design, which have impressed every visitor (listener). 4/4 we made it. And you, will you navigate the (sound) waves or will you get caught at the tide?

*The closing set was recorded in September near the river at the Iskar Gorge, where Balkan Station open air festival took place.

Uploaded by 12 October 2020


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