.CHPTR029 'With You'

by Oisatsana

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Human beings are social beings by nature. We live in community and interactions are an obligation for survival. They enrich and favor our personal development, being a critically important component for health and longevity.

‘With You’ is an ode to human interactions, a theme of special relevance in the times we are living. The things we do together, the space between us, the silence, the words, the lack of words, the consequences.

Oisatsana is the new project from experimental Spanish musician Tasio Rey. After having some experience in techno production under the name 'How to levitate', Oisatsana is a new identity that looks for a sound free of boundaries, approaching styles like glitch, drone, ambient, generative music and anything in between.

Tasio adds: “The following set is a mix of various styles and it is a good summary of the things that I am listening to the most lately and that inspire me to do music like Oisatsana”.

Certainly, a very unique sound and extremely compact trip ‘with you’.

Uploaded by 24 May 2021


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